Little Irish Sweetheart

Here Goes !

So I’ve finally given in and decided to try my hand at blog writing. Plus the weather is appalling tonight so I thought I’d just casually set up this blog! As ya do of course. I suppose first of all I should explain my title! I am small, I’m Irish and I get called Sweetheart a lot. Hence the name! Exactly as it says on the tin. I love Ireland, I think we have a gorgeous little country. This Summer really showed Ireland off to tourists, the weather was just glorious. We actually had a Summer for once – there was sunshine and a bloody drought !!! A drought ! What do we do with all the rainwater from the rest of the year?! I think we still have a hosepipe ban in place… and it’s presently lashing rain out there.

Oh, more about my introduction (I’m easily distracted). I’m actually a secondary school teacher and have been thinking about blog writing for ages now. I guess I’ll chat about my daily routine, do a few reviews and most of all, enjoy the writing aspect of the blog. Lots of others can do it so why not me ?!! I’m also in the middle of writing a novel, just in my spare time of course !! Not that I have much spare time. Considering it’s taken my most of this evening to set this up – all in the name of fun.

Anyway, I look forward to interacting with you and discussing your thoughts on various topics. If you have a blog let me know the name so I can follow you!


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