Little Irish Sweetheart

Michael ‘Tea’ Higgins

Michael D HigginsIncidentally, Michael D Higgins is the most senior of the people running for President. Two other nominees starred on the TV series ‘Dragons Den’. Is it appropriate to say the Dragons are trying to oust the Dinosaur?!

You may not know but Ireland is due to have a Presidential Election on Friday October 26th 2018. Now I’m not claiming to know a great deal about politics but this is a big deal, presidency is a big deal for any country.

Our current president is hoping to be re-elected and I sincerely hope he succeeds. The image accompanying this post is a very accurate representation of him! Since Michael D Higgins became president in 2011, wool sales in Ireland have soared! Not literally, but these tea cosies became so popular, you just had to have one. Tea is Ireland’s number one drink, I’m guessing, as we are known as huge tea drinkers here. I’m so happy that I got this tea cosie for a Christmas gift last year, I get to look at our amazing president every evening as I sit beside the stove watching television.

Obviously there are others running for president. Two of which are business men and we’ve all seen that a business man in power isn’t necessarily a good thing – look at Donald Trump for instance. Can that man do anything right? Trump has pulled his visit to Ireland in November, I wonder why?! In saying that, if he came to Ireland I’d support his decision to visit us. We need the American companies in Ireland, without them we’d probably end up back in recession. The other two nominees for president in Ireland I’m not even too familiar with to be honest. Liadh Ni Riada and Joan Freeman – I don’t think I’d support either. Michael D Higgins will hopefully cruise back into the Aras in October, he’s currently on 67% in the latest poll and I hope this rises. At least then I get to have tea each evening with the President!

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