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Do all Authors Encounter the same Difficulties..

With the evenings closing in and the lack of want to head outside and freeze in the icy Irish air, I figured I’d give novel writing a go ! As you do I suppose ! My story seems foolproof – romantic fiction. I say fiction but the main plot is inspired by a true story, there’s too many embellishments to classify it as nonfiction. With a degree in English, I thought I’d have a head start., not to mention the fact that I teach English for a living. Also the internet is a fantastic resource for finding tips and tricks along the way. booksHowever, I found the hardest part is actually sitting down and concentrating on your story. What about that wash that should be on? Or the dinner that needs to be prepared? There’s so much to do.

But I was determined to transfer my idea onto paper, regardless if it was any good. So I began my novel wiring journey in early September (it generally gets cold in Ireland in August – no Indian summer for us, so a perfect time to take up a new indoor hobby). With the evenings still being bright I could not concentrate on my work. Thankfully, as winter slowly creeps in I’m glad to say I have completed my first three chapters. Winning ! I will have to edit and redraft but the story is on paper and I have 9,000 words !! Does any author out there know if this is an average word count for three chapters of a novel? What is it that publishers really want? Not that I’m anywhere near that stage but I need to dream big in order to keep myself motivated. I have to think of the extrinsic motivational factors, I’ve always been like that – dream big or why bother.

Writer’s block was something I encountered at the start of this journey. I think I was trying to take on too much by thinking of the story in it’s entirety and not breaking it down into smaller fragments. Since I began ‘portioning’ my story, there has been structure to my method of writing and to the topics on which I write. This is a good way of tackling the project and chipping away at it bit by bit.

I’m both excited and scared to think of the next steps of my writing journey. Some publishers only want the first three chapters of a novel to get a feel for it. I could edit and redraft and send it into the publisher and sit tight to await their reply. All the while finishing my novel. The thoughts of putting yourself out there so much to be judged, is quite off putting. I know writers deal with a lot of rejection before, or if, they are eventually successful. But dealing with rejection is something that I think will build up my character and make me more resilient. I don’t claim to be a fantastic writer but I am learning. Has anyone been through this process and are there any tips for dealing with publishers?

In the meantime I am going to keep writing each evening (I hope I’m that disciplined) and see where I get with my novel. Any tips or stories in relation to writing, being a published author, or words of encouragement are greatly appreciated.

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  1. The publishing industry is subjective, but most publishers will ask you not to query unless your work is finished. I’d suggest you get it all done before looking at the publishers/agents. If they ask you for a copy to read and you don’t have it, they’ll move on. Agents are the same thing. Rejections are innevitable – it’s a subjective industry after all, not everyone will like what you do. And this way (finishing the manuscript first)you’re not pressured to write faster. You can write at your leisure and figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. In any case, at the end, if after you’ve approached this number of publishers and they all reject, your work can still be self-published. it’s a win win situation.

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  2. Ah! You can tell I hadn’t read this post yet, when I asked what subject you teach and what your novel was about! By the way, I have a friend who is an author and she participated in NaNoWriMo (which is every November). She said that was a good motivator. Perhaps it could be likewise for you. I’m a sucker for romantic fiction. Let me know when I can buy your book! :o)


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