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Novel Extract – The Rising of the Latch

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I wasn’t going to upload any extracts of the novel I’m working on but then I thought –  well, why not?! So this is the first page. Let me know by email what you think. This is a rough, rough draft, no editing has been done just yet but any feedback is welcome. All I’m trying to achieve here is showcasing the innocent, naive personality of my protagonist, and an opening that piques the reader’s interest. I’d be interested to know if I’ve succeeded..

Chapter 1 – first page:

“Good mornin’ Nancy,” a voice bellows from the opposite side of the street.

“Morning Mr. Doyle,” I call back as I feel the fresh, icy November air numbing my face. Mr. Doyle is the local postman in the village. He wheels his bicycle from house to house, the basket full to capacity with letters. Father always jokes that Mr. Doyle only uses the bicycle for something to lean on as he’s never been seen cycling!

Oh how I do love winter. Early morning walks to the Post Office, meeting my fellow villagers and smelling the freshly baked bread wafting down the street from the ‘Wake and Bake’ bakery. This morning is different and I can feel the extra pep in my step as I hurry along the cobbled street towards the drapery shop. Mother has sent me out to buy a new set of bed sheets, along with a new eiderdown. Mother is occupied, prepping the house for Mag’s arrival. She has washed and dried the sheets for Mag’s bed twice in the last week to make sure they are spotless and well aired. In case they don’t air to her satisfaction, she wants to be sure to have an alternative set for Mags.

“Good Morning Mr. O’ Connor,” I say as I cheerily bounce in the door of the drapery shop and hear the bell chime, announcing my arrival.

“Good morning Nancy, what has you in such a good mood this cold November morning?” He enquires.

“Well Mr. O’ Connor you’re going to be very happy with me this morning. Mother has sent me here to buy a full set of crisp cotton sheets and a new eiderdown. That should fill up your register I’d imagine!”

“Mighty. Now would this have anything to do with the return of ‘Mad Mags’ at all? Rumour in the village is that she’s returning from Europe for a visit?” Mr. O’ Connor probed for information. He never saw eye to eye with Mags, not since she used to give him cheek up at the school house. Mr. O’ Connor fills in for the teacher in the school when she is unable to take the class, as well as running his own business.

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