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Tips on how to keep your New Years Resolutions

So today lots of people headed back to work to start their first full working week after the Christmas holidays. The morning seemed darker for longer today but I don’t mind dark mornings, it’s the short evenings I hate. One of my resolutions is to start running – I do no form of activity to get fit. Week one back into work and I can already feel the lack of motivation beginning to sink in ! Will power is something I’m not good at.

So here’s a couple of tips I’m going to use to keep on target so that I actually stick to my New Year resolutions:

  • Well no ones perfect! I need to realize that if I fail or if I take a weeks break from my resolution – so what?! You can’t be great all of the time so I ain’t going to beat myself up over a run on a rainy Monday evening ! This is Ireland and obviously it will rain a lot but I’ll try push on !
  • Start small and build. I know I won’t be running any marathons any time soon and I’m fine with that !! Therefore I’ll time my sessions and each week I’ll try do more. No, no, I will do more! Positive thinking !
  • Get support from friends and family. Now this could go either way. 1. They encourage you and maybe even pound the pavements with you, great 👍🏻! But… 2. They could really just positively encourage you when you really just couldn’t be bothered ! But I think having encouragement can only be a good thing.
  • Don’t even think about it. So what it’s raining? If you’re not thinking about it and just go get changed after work.. you’re outside running before you know it! Routine is key, work it into your routine and do it !
  • Lastly, reward yourself. I’m all about the personal treats ! If you do a good job, book that night away, go to that concert. Have a weekend where you treat yourself. Go for it.

I really hope I stick to this resolution. Exercise is important even though it’s tough.

Best of luck !

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