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5 Reasons to Become an Entrepreneur

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I have been thinking about business and how to be my own boss for some time now. I’m not the type of person who enjoys taking orders from people or working by rules that I don’t fully agree with. So I’ve decided to take the leap of faith I’ve needed and get myself into gear.  As scary and daunting as it is, I’m happy with my decision – why shouldn’t I do it? People are setting up businesses all the time, so why can’t I give it a go? I still have my full-time job if all else fails.

Already in Ireland this year, 3,192 ‘.ie’ website domains have been purchased. This is a good representation that people have more faith in the economy. In general I think the economy is on the up, even if it is only slightly better, it’s a positive indication. Therefore I think it is the right time to give a new business venture a go.

Here are my 5 reason for “getting up off my backside and trying something new” :

  1. Hard work for YOU

Instead of slogging away in my current position, for someone else to reap the rewards and profits, why not do it for ME?! Job satisfaction is so important and people talk about it constantly these days. I think my job satisfaction would soar if I was actually working to reap all the profits myself. Although hard work is just that – hard ! I still think I’d be intrinsically motivated working for myself.

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And keep this picture of the crystal clear ocean in your office to keep you going! 

2. Being your own boss.

I like to do my own thing – I always have ! And I WILL do my own thing where possible. But this isn’t possible when it comes to working for someone else. You always have to adhere to their rules and regulations. I think being my own boss would be fantastic. Difficult but rewarding. When asked as a young girl ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ I always answered, @I’m not sure but I want to work for myself.’ No joke ! But I haven’t followed through on this promise to myself just yet.

Image result for female boss
Merly Streep – what a terrifying boss !

3. Do something you’re PASSIONATE about.

Instead of just ‘doing’ your job, why not love your job because you chose to build it from scratch and you know it inside it? You’re going to be more passionate about something you’ve invested in and nurtured from day one. This has got to be the best feeling in the world – loving your job and wanting to get up to go to work every single morning.

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I’m not sure if this guy is just plain crazy and I wouldn’t recommend you go out and start walking tightropes ! But he’s got the passion ! Go walk your tightrope.  

4. Lifestyle Choices

So you need to leave the office an hour earlier this Friday for that weekend away you booked. Well because you’re your own boss – you can leave early ! So long as you’ve wrapped everything up for the weekend. How many times have you been sitting in the office on a Friday evening twiddling your thumbs just looking at the clock tick closer to 5pm? Well you can improve your work/life balance over time once your business is up and running, so why wouldn’t you reap these rewards? Call it benefit in kind, heck call it what you want!

Image result for lifestyle choices
In which direction would you like to be travelling?

5. BE creative

Sometimes your ideas just don’t fit in with the environment you work in. But just because your idea is new and slightly out there – do that mean it won’t work? No, I don’t think so. You’ll never know unless you try. People thought bottled water would never take off….. who’s laughing now !! Be yourself, be as creative as you like and give it a go – why the heck not?

Image result for being creative

So watch this space for my new business venture. It’s got to do with vegan and looking after yourself!

Thanks for reading!

P.s there are obviously many negatives to becoming your own boss (slogging away for hours on end, not making a profit etc. etc. BUT I’m not focusing on those right now !!)

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