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With Love Island back on our screens since last Monday, I’m curious to know if everyone is “over it” or still very much “into it” ?!  Due to the fact that 3.7 million viewers tuned in to the first show in order to meet the 2019 contestants, I’d say there’s a few people in that statistic who secretly watch the show! Personally I love escaping to the sunny Balearic island of Majorca for an hour each evening, sometimes if I’m lucky, for an hour and a half ! Why wouldn’t you enjoy escaping the tragic June weather that Ireland has to endure?

I enjoy watching Love Island – there I said it! There’s a statement you don’t hear aloud too often, you almost have to pretend you’d rather watch paint dry than actually enjoy Love Island.

Although Love Island gives its audience the opportunity to relax in front of some easy entertaining, there are a couple of negatives to the hit TV show. Nobody can deny the fact that a lot of this years contestants are mirror images of the cast of 2018, and even 2017. For example, in 2017 we saw Olivia Atwood, 2018 Laura Anderson and this year we have Amy Hart. Three girls who are very similar in looks and each year each girl has ticked the box in terms of a certain body image and ‘type’. This year’s Joe looks very similar to last years Eyal and 2019’s Anton is a carbon copy of 2018’s Sam. Why not put a more ‘typical’ looking person into the villa and see if they sink or swim? (That could be a controversial pun!) I think a bit of diversity is needed. After all, not everyone sports the chiselled, muscular look.. and that’s just the men! But on a positive note, I love the fact that this year’s Amy Hart doesn’t seem interested in fake tan, and she actually looks like she’s just being herself. I think the same could be said for Lucie who seems totally innocent in a way. I’m not sure the Irish contestant will get very far, I think she’s too quiet to see the show out till the end, and she hasn’t featured a whole lot on our screens.

Anyway, no matter what my thoughts are on body image and diversifying the contestants – I’m still tuning in tonight. Majorca, I’ll see you at 9pm! Who wouldn’t love a swim in the infinity pool?!!

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