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Does Social Media Put Pressure on You?

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It hit me today that we hear a lot about celebrities and how much money they are making – and it’s nothing but annoying.

I turn on my laptop to see Dwanye (the Rock) Johnson is the highest paid actor in the last year. That is the 1st of June 2018 – 1 June 2019. He raked in an impressive $89.4 million according to Forbes. Now Dwayne entered the acting world once an injury forced him to retire from his college football career. He started ‘acting’ (I suppose) when he wrestled in the WWF/WWE. Who remembers those awful shows?! The fast and Furious franchise really kick started his acting career.

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But $89.4 million? For anyone who isn’t happy in their job or subjected to bloggers or influencers on social media platforms, this news is just depressing! Or is that just me? I have to work for a wage and I know these guys do too but there job seems a whole lot cooler.

Out of curiosity recently, I contacted Pippa O’Connors marketing agent – iZest Marketing. It turns out that for Pippa to post 3-4 posts on instagram promoting a companys product, she earns approx €5,000. I know in her own right Pippa works hard and she’s “made” it and I enjoy following her. It’s not that I’d try take it from her, it just grinds my gears that I don’t get paid to post a Costa coffee cup on Instagram ! Not that Pippa promotes Costa, maybe she does but I don’t know.

As you’ll see from my last post, I recently stayed in the Penthouse Suite in the g Hotel (the closest I’ll ever be to tasting how the other half live!). Two days later a famous influencer Joanne Larby stayed in the same Penthouse. Again, I’m not trying to take from Joanne’s fame, she deserves all of it. But I got to thinking, there we were delighted to be upgraded to a Penthouse Suite and influencers get PAID to go stay there !!!! There’s so many things influencers don’t have to pay for anymore! I feel like there’s a lot of pressure to be successful, to be Insta famous.

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So what about the younger generation who see these people getting paid to post on Instagram? I think is has to be damaging for their self-esteem and confidence. When I was growing up my peers used to say they wanted to be a singer, a professional footballer or an actor but over time they realised that was a dream. nobody they knew was any of those things so maybe it was a bit of a dream. Nowadays, people who are prepared to open up their lives and let the public in are becoming famous. Some influencers hold down ‘normal’ jobs and influence on the side because social media platforms are making this ‘new’ form of fame readily accessible. And lets face it, an ordinary person can ‘make it’ on Instagram if they really invest in it. There isn’t really any great skill involved.

I’m not sure exactly what questions I’m trying to ask here but is it healthy for children to say ‘when I grow up I want to be an influencer’ and mean it? What happens when people on social media reject them? Maybe I’m being ridiculous because what happens when a child doesn’t become a footballer or singer? But at least a whole society of people online didn’t crush that dream.



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