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3 Fashion Trends for Autumn 2019

The air has turned cooler and that can only mean one thing – Autumn ! So long summer days, hello icy air cyclones and low winter sun. I have to admit, I’m not a fan of Autumn, but I do like Autumn clothes. Lets take a look at what trends are predicted for this years autumnal season.

#1 Floral Patterns

I would have associated floral with Summer, maybe even Spring, but not Autumn. But the catwalks say different for the upcoming season.

€84.99 Misguided

This floral cupped maxi beauty from Misguided is just stunning. For a dressy event this baby would be perfect. There’s a lot going on, the slit, lace hem and the pattern itself which is a mix between floral and leopard ! What’s not to like about it? Maybe the price but if you’re dressing to impress this would work.

€75 Pelino Leather



On trend accessories are also important. Sometimes a bag, scarf or hat is all you need to jazz up an outfit.

This bag is perfect for Autumn, it’s on point in terms of colour and design.




#2 Asymmetrical Necklines

I’m so happy this look is back in, to be honest I’ve never really stopped wearing this look whether it was in or not! But I find the asymmetrical neckline very flattering. It goes without saying that a neat, thin neck is necessary for this look.

Buy Phase Eight Rosaline Asymmetric Button Neck Knit Jumper, Black, 16 Online at
€56.50 (sale price) John Lewis

The above Phase Eight Rosaline Asymmetrical Button Neck Knit Jumper is very sophisticated. I particularly love the gold buttons along the neckline. This jumper is definitely in my online basket.

€897.79 Forward by Elyse Walker



If you have a little more money to splash, this Caroline Constas Ancel Gown comes in at a pretty penny!

We all know blue isn’t a great colour for warm-toned skin, and when we’re going out out most people wear extra make-up or tan. So this rule applies for most of us.

However, teal is great for a lot of skin tones.






#3 The Cape

I’ve routed around online and here’s what I found.


€19.08 on ASOS Marketplace



Now I’m not a tall person so I have to be careful here. Otherwise I’d look like a walking couch throw and that’s never a good look.

What I love about this Vintage cape is that it’s short at this front. Hence I still have a body and I’m not trying to imitate a ghost. 

The buttons on this cape are really simple and break up the grey.

Sold by MELLINAVINTAGE on ASOS Marketplace.



Or this Black Check Print Clara Roll Neck Cape (what a mouthful) is another lovely piece for anyone’s wardrobe. Really easy to throw this one over a pair of jeans, black trousers or skirt. This cape looks super cosy and will keep out those bitter winter winds.

River Island Black Check Print Clara Roll Neck Cape
€44 River Island

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